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06 October 2017

Click on Tour Dates & come to Michelle’s new shows


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  1. Dear Michelle, I am a big fan of your music.I just watched and listened to one of your videos.I like your song “Take it like a Man”.I live in Wilmington,Illinois.My address is 800 E.Kahler Rd.Apt.12.The complex is called Winchester Manor.My number is 1-815-476-5254 and my cell is 1-815-768-9815.Hope to see you on tour one day.Come out to the Chicagoland area someday.Love,Dwayne

    1. Tim Ringland

      Hi Michelle,
      Please return to the Snowbird Extravaganza in Mesa in 2019. We missed you today performing but saw you in the lobby. I was disappointed not to see you perform. You are a Canadian music icon. All the best in 2017.
      Tim & Shelley Ringland

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