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14 December 2015

Merry Christmas


We love Christmas around our house. Putting up all the decorations (see below), watching lots of Christmas movies and just slowing down. My husband Marco ask me to marry him on Christmas day right after we watched “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  Christmas represents so many beautiful things for us. Our faith, our love and a great excuse to eat, drink and be merry.

Hanging out in our Christmas pajama’s and being cozy is not only for us but our little Toy Fox Terrier Lycos loves it as well. (see below)

Since my job requires me to travel throughout the year my family understands that all I want to do during the holiday season is be home. My sister in-law Celeste and brother-in-law Pat live in Nashville as well so they always come to our home on Christmas Eve and we enjoy Christmas day together. Fun & silliness is just one of the things I enjoy about our time together. The picture above was taken by setting the timer on the camera and then we all jumped in front of it. So spontaneous and one of my favorites.

From my family to yours we want to “Wish You A Merry Christmas”

Capture Capture


6 Responses

  1. Al Pociuk

    Thanks for the update Michelle. I hope you and Marco have a great Christmas. Hope to be listening to some new music from you soon . And it sure would be great to see you play it live in 2016.

  2. Nancy

    Oh what fun!!! Thank you Michelle for sharing. Wishing you and yours and wonderful holiday season. Hopefully, we will see you in the New Year up in Ontario or nearby!!
    Paul and Nancy Lojewski

  3. Shirley Sparks

    Merry Christmas to you and Marco, and your wonderful pet family. We will be having Christmas with the family this year because other years we have spent in Florida , Our family now consists of 7 Grandchildren and 4 great Grandchildren, Thought you would be interested in that as you and Lisa grew up together , Much happiness through the holiday season and God’s blessings for the new year

  4. gloria fletcher

    Hi everybody Merry Xmas from an old friends house to your house hope santa is good tto you and everyone is healthy Merry xmas all

  5. Cathy Nantais

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and Marco and the doggies. May the New Year bless us all my friend. Much love to you and i hope you like the Christmas card i sent 🙂

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