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24 August 2013

Michelle to perform at Tin Pan North!


(Nashville, April 24, 2013) Residents of the Golden Horseshoe and visitors alike will be pleased to know that Michelle’s next live performances will be in Toronto on Friday, May 24, and Saturday, May 25, at the 14th annual Tin Pan North songwriter festival! Tin Pan North is Ontario’s largest 3-day songwriter festival, featuring intimate performances ranging from local talent to world-renowned songwriters. Click here for more information about Tin Pan North. Click here for tickets, available now.

On another note, in case you missed it, here’s a link to a sample of Strong, Michelle’s new single, which was just sent to Canadian country radio yesterday. It’s from her forthcoming album due out in the early summer. Enjoy! Let us know what you think of the song.


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  1. Quietly moving.*****Our Editor Responds: Moving quietly?btw: if you get a chance, check out the links in the front. Pasadena’s is a friend of ours. One of those highly influential artist often sited by highly successful artists.

  2. ich wohne in ner doofen stadt, das muss ich immer wieder feststellen… bei uns liegen immer nur versiffte matratzen und pocco-möbel im sperrmüll 😉 ok, nen bollerwagen haben wir mal ergattert, das war ein echtes highlight ^^

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