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14 November 2014

Please check out the new lyric video I did for Captain Nichola Goddard

In 2006 I went to Afghanistan on a show tour. While we were there Canadian Captain Nichola Goddard lost her life in combat. I wrote this poem and over the last couple of days I put together this lyric video to honour her and the many soldier that gave their lives. Several of the picture are from my own collection. As you can imagine it was a life changing experience of being there, from the moment they told us that Nichola was killed, to the ramp ceremony that carried her home.

I have since sat at her mother and father’s kitchen table and shared my experience of being there. This is truly an exception family and to this day Nicholas father Timothy Goddard who is the Dean of the University in PEI, still travels to Afghanistan and continues to help develop educational programs for the Afghan people. I could go on about the family but after spending some time with them I’m not surprised they raised a captain on the front line. I will never forget her or the other men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Let’s not ever forget that.


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  1. Debora Wotherspoon

    Wish I could be present in Mazatlan in Jan 2015 to experience ‘The 3 Amigas’ performance. Here’s hoping you are planning a “Strong” tour for Canada sometime in 2015. Please come to Saskatchewan… Yorkton or Regina or Moose Jaw or Saskatoon… to perform at one of the show lounges in the local casino. I love all of your albums and in my opinion the new one has a bit of the old flavor and the new combined; it’s terrific. Michelle, Last but not Least & Always a Fan… * Thank You for the Music *
    Debora (;->

  2. Jim McSpadden

    I have enjoyed your music over the years and the more I read about you I find it refreshing to know that you not only have a strong voice but it seems you have a tender heart which can be rare this day and age in which we live. Good people can be hard to find be blessed even more in the future. A fan in Tennessee!

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