I’m enjoying a restful day before the “busy” starts Monday. We have been working with Scott Bernard a wonderful guitar player with a great voice who sings awesome harmonies but he is not available for the show at the Havelock Jamboree. The really great news is that Pete Lesperance a fantastic guitar player who lives in Toronto and is a member of the Canadian rock band Harem Scarem is going to do the show with us. Pete did my last Canadian tour and I can’t wait to play with him again. So here’s how it’s going to work. Harmony practice here in Nashville on Monday with my Nashville guys, Jay Tooke, Sean Power and Will Doughty, fly to Toronto Wednesday night, get hotel rooms, crash, get up
Thursday, have rehearsal in Toronto with Pete Lesperance and my long time band member Lee Warren who is already in Toronto and then after rehearsal drive 3 hours to Havelock, crash in the hotel, do show on Friday and fly home on Saturday. All that for one show but I love it. Can’t wait to play some music!