Hi Everybody,

I hope your holiday season is going well. This is my favorite or favourite (if you’re Canadian) time of year. Because I’m a Canadian living in Nashville, I get two Thanksgivings. This year October13th was the Canadian Thanksgiving and November 26th was the American Thanksgiving and of course Christmas is just around the corner. YEA!!!

Sue FerrimanI wanted to share with you that there have been a few significant changes in my life. For the past 28 years I have been managed by Brian Ferriman, and his wife Sue has been my financial manager. About 11 years ago she started to notice that she was having problems with her left foot. It took a few years to officially diagnose her condition but it turned out to be ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. She bravely battled the disease for the next 6 years and quietly passed away on August 14th at 7 pm at her home surround by Brian and their son Kevin, their daughter Kim as well as their 2 grandchildren, Max and Artchie. Brian showed so much courage, strength and love while he took care of Sue’s every need with help from her family and the amazing people from Hospice. Brian fell in love with Sue the moment he met her over 40 years ago. This was a very difficult and painful time. I’m actually crying as I’m writing this but I needed to tell you. I hope this helps to explain why I have been a bit out of the loop over these last few years. After 28 years together it becomes more than just a business. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done and in order for that to happen Brian has retired and is focusing on his own healing. I will miss them both very much. They have literally been a part of my life almost everyday for all these years.

I am also healing and for me a big part of that is being out there doing shows, being with you, writing songs as well as hanging out with my music friends. I’m thankful for this part of my life and I’m reminded how important music can be to the soul. My husband Marco has also been a great source of comfort and strength. So folks, I’m picking up the pieces, turning the page and moving forward with a new team. I plan to be more active with touring, recording and communicating. Thank you for your support. I need it. Here we go!!!

From one month to the next I never know where my music or the opportunity to perform is going to take me. The end of November we had a really fun show in Edmonton, Alberta at the Century Casino. People came to party. I love that. Next I was off to Alert, Nunavut to perform for our Canadian military. Check out this link.  It will explain a lot more about Alert and the Canadian Military Base. Quite an interesting history about the most northern place in the world that is inhabited. It reminded me a bit of a spaceship.

We flew in on a herc from Trenton, Ontario to Greenland. Stayed the night and flew out on the herc to Alert.

2. Boarding the Herc

I went with an amazing group of people but before we boarded the plane we had the privilege of saying thank you to a group of Canadian soldiers that were headed to serve in Kuwait.

soldiers departing to Kuwait

In the photo are some of my traveling companions. We are the ones dressed in the navy blue arctic gear and of course the soldiers are dressed in their uniforms. They were busy getting ready to go so I didn’t take down their names but I did want to introduce you to the team I traveled with. L-R Eric MacKenzie (Escort), Kirby Barber  (Bass & Vocals), yours truly, Patricia Conroy (Front Row) Shaun Verreault (Back Row), Darryl Havers (Keyboards & Vocals), Will Davis (Stand up Comedian, Show Producer)

The only person missing from this photo is our excellent, hard working sound engineer Jerod Currie. I did not want to miss the opportunity to introduce you to him. He was probably making sure the gear got on the plane. He’s in this picture below to the far left. It might not hurt for me to introduce you one more time to the team without out our arctic gear on.

L-R Jerod Currie (Sound engineer), Will Davis (Stand Up Comedian, Show Producer), Kirby Barber (Bass & Vocals), Patricia Conroy, Me :-), Shaun Verreault and Darryl Havers (Keyboards & Vocals). What a blast we had together.

4. Jerod Currie

We were in Alert from Dec 3rd – Dec 8th. When we walked through the doors dressed in our polar gear we were greeted with applause by the soldiers.



The first night in Alert we hung out with the soldier and support staff and just had a jam session.

6. Hanging with Soldiers7. Hanging with Soldiers

The task at hand was to stay healthy and get the show up and running. For me I find that when I’m flying and traveling a lot I’m vulnerable to a cold or the flu but I’m happy to say that no one got sick or lost their voice and we had a great show.


And then we danced and partied into the night.

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The day after the show we were taken on a tour. Currently it is dark 24 hours a day and very cold. One day it was -42 Celsius -43.6 Fahrenheit with the chill factor.


I could only take my phone out for a moment to take a picture or two because it would freeze up. We went to the weather station and released a weather balloon as well as the science station that studies air pollution, the ozone layer and a variety of other issues which are being researched.

25. Weather Balloon

Bringing the Christmas spirit was really important so we had some fun with some Christmas wardrobe and caroling. Total silliness.



22. Christmas Jam

Then we ventured out onto the frozen Arctic Ocean to climb around on a few icebergs and to place the name of our hometowns up on the distance signpost in Alert. That was a once in a lifetime experience.

27. Standing on the frozen Arctic Ocean28. Standing on an Iceburg



30. Team in front of sign post

Then the time came to return home. What an extraordinary group of men and women that I had the privilege of spending some time with from the soldiers to the support staff. We returned directly to Trenton on a C17 although it was stop and go with about a 9 hour delay as it needed to be determined if we could take off due to weather conditions.

31. C17

Thank you to Will Davis for putting this all together. You are a sweet, funny man and it wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you to the amazing musicians Kirby Barber and Darryl Havers. I really hope we get to play some music together again. Love you. Shaun Verreault you’re a great artist, songwriter and guitar playing man. WOW!!! Thank you for supporting Patricia and I. Jerod Currie, thank you for getting the show up and running and making it sound so great. I got lots of comments on how great the sound was and you are a sweet, kind teddy bear of a man. Eric MacKenzie thank you for that great smile of yours and for keeping everything calm and organized for us.

To my forever friend Patricia Conroy. Thank you for asking me to join you and the team. God made someone very special when he made you.

32. Forever Friends