The Fall Season has arrived here in Nashville. I enjoy this time of year for several reasons, particularly because it means Christmas is getting closer. YAY!!!

The past few months have been very busy getting the team in place. My new manager Chuck is fantastic and someone I really enjoy working with. He’s quick to laugh and is able to decipher what it is I’m saying as my hyperactive, attention deficit, dyslexic brain tries to spit out a sentence when I have 15 thoughts coming at me at once. He might be the best at it yet.

About a year and a half ago I also hired Dereama my new business manager. She takes care of all the accounting while Chuck takes care of all the day to day. Shortly after I hired her she received the dreaded diagnosis that she was facing a second round of breast cancer. It actually happened at the 5 year mark of her first cancer fight, so this time around the treatment required a mastectomy and major chest and abdominal reconstruction that accompanies such a procedure. Her strength and courage throughout this ordeal has been very inspiring and I don’t say that lightly. Any of you who have dealt with this or known someone who dealt with it knows exactly what I’m talking about. Here’s an example of Dereama’s fighting spirit as we walked the 5 mile walk in Nashville for the “Fight Against Breast Cancer” on October 10th — she made it without hesitation after all her body has been through as she heals and recovers. I’m  so glad I was in town and could be on her team and walk step by step beside her.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a great team, and the most important part of that team is you, my wonderful fans and supporters. Thank you. Please know that I never take it for granted. I appreciate your support of my music, my shows, and everything else that you do to spread the word to bring new fans on board. You keep my bus going down the highway. 🙂

Along with doing a few more shows in the remainder of this year, I am songwriting every chance I get. I recently watched an interview with the band “Heart,” where Ann Wilson stated that she has always been compelled to share her life through songwriting. I’m driven by that same mysterious need to share my life with you through my songs, hoping that you will understand what I’m singing about, and through those songs we will feel connected.  You know, “Just human beings stumbling through this thing called life.” I can’t wait to share my new music with you and look forward to seeing you down the road.

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